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Touring Sciàdipersia Manufacturing

Touring Superleggera is synonymous with quality manufacture of hand-beaten metalwork. Today, however, the cutting-edge properties of carbon fibre, in terms of weight saving, stiffness, quality of surface finish and ease of repair, are incorporated in the design.

The search for perfect execution has been an integral part of Touring's genes since the company's foundation in 1926. As then, many components, details and adornments are still manufactured entirely by hand. Nowadays, however, we use cutting-edge technology to its full extent to integrate the extraordinary talent of our craftsmen.
Three-dimensional referencing, digital techniques and measuring tools and computer-aided manufacturing are used to achieve maximum accuracy in the assembly process.

The whole manufacturing cycle, which is fully logged and documented for future reference, takes place at the Touring Superleggera atelier near Milan.

However, the human touch and painstaking care of each individual detail will always mark the difference from series production. Touring's craftsmen and engineers devote over 5,000 hours of highly skilled work to each car.
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