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Touring Sciàdipersia Design

Innovative, bucking the current trend for aggressive treatments, Sciàdipersia reverts to a sporting style subtly hinting at the Seventies: the low-slung front, clean side surfaces with edgy junctions, and a substantial tail.

As with every masterpiece, it all starts with a simple concept: the arrow, slimming down the centre sections to extend the perceived length. Its natural dynamism is further enhanced by the front and rear fender ridge lines.

The minimalist front draws attention to the grille, while the rear evokes the fletching on an arrow, thrusting the whole body forwards in a seamless, dynamic and perfectly balanced movement.
The highly polished aluminium trim is juxtaposed with hand-brushed satin finishes, to orientate the light reflection in subtly different ways. Another tribute to craftsmanship, a testament of the coachbuilt nature of the car.

Distinctive, refined, svelte, subtle and classy all define Sciàdipersia.
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