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Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spyder Manufacturing

Touring Superleggera is synonymous with the manufacture of lightweight bodywork. Nowadays, the art of hand-beaten aluminium panels is extensively combined with the use of carbon fibre, as this technology eventually satisfies the high level of quality Touring requires, while providing significant weight advantages.

The single-piece windscreen frame and the cross roll-bar member are made from structural carbon fibre giving crucial torsional stiffness advantages and saving weight in the upper section of the car, where it is most beneficial for performance.
Carbon fibre is also used for the front bumper and grille, bonnet, skirts and boot lid. Both bonnet and boot lid are sandwich-built with Nomex fillers to obtain a better stiffness/weight ratio and dampen vibrations and noise.
The entire manufacturing process is fully documented and digitally logged, to guarantee consistent quality levels and accurate replicability. Touring's test protocols demands compliance to high standard in interstice and surface alignment, paint and coating quality, interior trim and assembly.
Dynamic tests on proving grounds concentrate on high-speed runs, cornering, braking and other handling trials on several surface types.
As a descendant of many legendary Alfa Romeo high performance cars, the Disco Volante Spyder proudly bears the Biscione emblem.
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