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Gumpert Tornante

The Gumpert Tornante by Touring is a prototype built for the German sports car maker to be added to their existing Apollo.

It defines a new class of automobiles, born for extremely dynamic and fast voyage: the Fast Tourers.

When selecting the partner for the new model's body design, Gumpert recognised that elegance is part of the genetic code of Touring Superleggera's creations. Even more remarkably, the paradigm of elegance was applied by Touring to race cars too. From the inspiring Alfa Romeo 8C2900 to the1940 Mille Miglia winner BMW 328, the Ferrari 166 and 340, redoubtable race machines were blessed with singular grace.

Touring was intrigued by the challenge from the young, vital and ambitious sports car manufacturer, known for its uncompromised orientation to efficiency, high quality engineering and the constant quest for better performance.
In the development work, the teams from the two companies discovered soon that they shared the same respect for efficiency and essentiality. This facilitated the subsequent stages of engineering and feasibility study, and the merger of body and chassis required only minor adjustments from both sides.

The Tornante replicates the original Touring Superleggera construction principle: composite body panels on a space frame with carbon fibre monocoque.

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